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Bold and Brilliant: Peter J. Burns, III

Bold and Brilliant: Peter J. Burns, III

Blazin AZ chats with the CEO and Founder of Club Entrepreneur (Club E).

(If you’re at work and can’t watch, you can listen or download HERE.)

Peter talks about:

  • The things you need to start a business
  • The best advice he has ever received from another business owner
  • Being nice
  • Dealing with challenges and obstacles (and bouncing back)
  • Things that motivate him
  • Embracing diversity
  • Biggest challenges for entrepreneurs and ways Club E address those challenges
  • His greatest strength and weakness
  • One thing he would change
  • His final advice to entrepreneurs

Find Him:


“Peter Burns is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in the establishment and operation of niche market multi-location businesses. He is an innovative businessman who creates many new concepts from the ground up, such as the first integrated media-rich commercial e-mail marketing business, the “Insert-A-Zine” niche-publishing concept and the first accredited College of Entrepreneurship in the United States at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix.

In recent years, Burns founded Club Entrepreneur, Club E Office, Club E Exchange and most recently, Club E Ventures. Club Entrepreneur is an association of entrepreneurs, which started with Burns’ initial 19 students from the Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University. It has since grown to over 7000 members nationwide, 3500 in Arizona alone and is the largest network of entrepreneurs in the country.

Club E Office is a co-working office environment where entrepreneurs are encouraged to collaborate, share and grow. Through Club E Office, Burns offers entrepreneurs access to educational opportunities and resources through professional consultations, workshops, seminars and other events. Read More…

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